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My life is not at a good place at the moment and I need help.
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Hello, I am in dire need of help. This is what happened. I came to the USA in 1981 on a student visa in 1981 and lived in the USA until 2017 with no papers. I lived in the USA most of my life and it's the only place that I know and could ever live.My mother got her residence through my brother who is American born and she was in the process of getting mine ( my residence) but she died of a heart attack and it was dropped and no papers was ever filed, this is when everything started.My relationship that I was in for 17 years came to an end, my house, cats and everything I had from throughout my years I lost. Again, the USA is the only place that I know or could ever live all my memories of everything is in the USA. I returned to Trinidad and found out that I got barred for 10 years for my overstay. ( I lived in the USA 36 and think and feel American, most of my life ) I must return to the USA as soon as possible and have been trying many ways but it is not ease. I need to get an immigration lawyer to help me get some type of waiver and visa to overcome the bar for my overstay. I must return to my true home. My brother who is American cannot really help me out with getting me back. Life in Trinidad is not good and I am in a daily mood of dismal, nothing here works for me and being gay does not help, I am being harassed and made fun of, I am so unhappy and my health is not in good condition. There are options out there for me to return to my true home but I have not found them yet. I need someone with some knowledge of what I must do. Getting an immigration lawyer to help is very costly and I do not have much money at all. I must return to the USA . Is there anyone out there that can help me with my problem, I so really need it. Thank you.
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